She gets it

For reasons I won’t go into, we were on the local ABC news affiliate a bit ago. “We” as in my daughter and I. It was a great experience … mostly.

We went clothes shopping and that was an event for another post. We were to be interviewed at home by a wonderful, young anchorwoman. The story revolved around my daughter so the woman had an idea of what to expect … I thought.

I called her cell when they (anchorwoman and cameraman) were on their way over. I asked …

Have you ever dealt with this population?

Not much, but that should not be a problem.

Would you like a hint or two?


You have a six year old daughter, right? Just talk to my daughter exactly like you would to yours. Assume she has the same knowledge and experience, just don’t ask her any questions. And you will, we all do. But if you ask her a question, she cannot answer, and that’s not fair. But you will slip, I do all the time.

Wow, thank you so much. See you shortly.

She was fantastic. She walked right up to my daughter, introduced herself, and was great. We then spent over an hour for a five minute segment.

The cameraman was out at the van packing up, my daughter was hanging out and the anchorwoman turned to me and said …

She really gets it, she understands. You were right.

I smiled, held back a tear, thanked the (very beautiful in many ways) anchorwoman, kissed my daughter and walked her over to the high school to finish the day in class.

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