No man is a good doctor who has never been sick himself. ~Chinese Proverb

Single Dad’s unsolicited advice of the day …

Speak up! Question the doctor. Challenge him/her. YOU are paying them, they are working FOR YOU. They are practicing an ART, you are living a SCIENCE.

Why do we put doctors on a pedestal? Why are we afraid to look them in the eye and say “What are you talking about?” Why do we not question them?

The doctor says, “He needs to be fed every three hours.” Well, the proper response is, “If he did not have the disorder he does, would I need to awake every three hours overnight to do this? Does his disorder cause his nutritional needs to be different than a normal kid? Can I run the feeding pump slow for an overnight feed instead? Can I wait until he is hungry like every other kid?” Quality of life is for the whole family. Understand the “why” behind what you are told to do. And make sure it makes sense to you.

Specifically, what will happen if I do it a different way?

Some doctor’s are wonderful, fantastic, and deserve respect. Others are clueless dick heads. Just like in life.


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