Pre-F day

A few years ago I put up a personal ad on a dating site and it turns out that the day before Father’s Day a wonderful woman responded, we dated for many years. She had not met Pearlsky before the first night she stayed over (logistics), though she knew all about her. The next morning I said that I was going to get Pearlsky ready for the day and make her meds, then I’d make us breakfast.

I got Pearlsky dressed and put her on her playmat, then I went into the kitchen to make her meds. When I came out, E was on the floor playing with her. How incredible is that? Or, more appropriately, how incredible was she?

This gets me thinking back to the how-am-I-defined thing. Do I mention Pearlsky in a personal ad? Since I am so defined by her, it should be all about her, no? What does one hide when trying to meet others? Just thinking, I don’t know if I would ever post it again … but I thought I’d solicit an opinion or two … on this anniversary of meeting E … here is the original ad …

To prepare, I read many of the women’s entries. Several say to “move on” if you don’t like cats. Given the choice of security (emotional, financial, etc), fun, caring, friendship, a solid husband, lover, and father, vs. your cat and you pick your cat, I say “move on.” I like cats, I don’t like your priorities (trust me, I am more fun on a Saturday night). Many say “my friends say I am attractive.” I asked two friends about me. One said “you’re dog ugly” the other said “nothing some plastic surgery can’t fix.” My mother said I am gorgeous. I asked two unknown women on the street. The first said “you’re a 7 or 8.” The second said “you are very good looking, do you like cats?”

Maybe I’ll just wait until Pearlsky is out of school, or I am out of my mind … or both.

And by the way, E is happily married, and still a friend.


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