Remember, you cannot spell “assessment” without a-s-s

A new form came home from school today, “Evaluation Consent Form.” Ok, I can deal. What kind of “assessment” do they want to do for Pearlsky? The young lady with NO communication skills, the young lady who does not appear to purposely look anywhere, whose verbalizations are the same for physical irritation as well as apparent enjoyment? They want to do a …

“Psychological Assessment – describes the student’s learning capacity and learning style in relationship to social/emotional development and skills.”

They admit she has never “learned” anything as far as we know, she does not even get graded, against all odds I got her out of NCLB testing because you cannot measure any learning capacity in her and yet they want a psychological assessment on … wait for it … her learning capacity! And, an assessment that describes her “learning style”? Let me describe it for you, “NONE, NADA, ZIPPO, ZILCH.” Put that in your psychological pipe and smoke it. And who will do it? A social worker? A psychologist? The teacher? Feh. Forget it. (Actually, I think it is very funny and an attempted big waste of time and energy.)

Oh, what about the new wheelchair that was delivered several days ago? Remembering what mom always told me about having something good to say … Let’s see, about the new wheelchair:

Oh, and yes, she is still using the old one. I was temporarily blinded by the lack of scratches and the fact that the chair actually rolled straight.


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