Riddle me this …

How do I take Pearlsky on a plane? She cannot sit in a seat, I cannot pick her up from her wheelchair, I have never seen wheelchair tie downs in the cabin …

Referencing the National Archives and Records Administration code of federal regulations, then looking at the 2002 Office of the Secretary, Department of Transportation(Aviation Proceedings), and then scrutinizing Part 382–NONDISCRIMINATION ON THE BASIS OF DISABILITY IN AIR TRAVEL, I can’t see why we can’t fly. But I still don’t get it. How do we fly?

  • Can she stay in her chair?
  • If not, how does she get into a seat?
  • Seat, what seat? What kind?

I have no idea. I will tell you what I do know … one of this blog’s readers, my new best friend (although he does not know that) (Ken, you’re also my best friend, don’t worry) is … wait for it … a commercial airline pilot! Not only that, a long haul pilot, this guy knows planes. Maybe he knows the answer to these questions, and if not, maybe he will sneak me the email of someone really high up in his company that I can ask …

Anyone else know?

Hey, I don’t know why people call me spineless! (go ahead, click on it)


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