Snake Oil

Emma has a new post where she mentions articles about possible future cures for such things as Down’s and Angelman’s. We can hope and pray.

If someone came up to me with a magic potion and said it would “cure” Pearlsky, I don’t know what I would do. Really. It’s been seventeen years of her, who she is, what she has. Do I want her all of the sudden to be normal typical? No seizures … GREAT. Communication … FANTASTIC. Full communication … ummm … scary? What would she say about the last seventeen years?

How would I not give it to her? If she had cancer, I’d give her the cure if it was offered. But that would not change the basic “her.” Would Pearlsky be Pearlsky if all of the sudden she did not have the metabolic issue and somehow became a normal seventeen year old?

Why does even the thought scare the daylights out of me? Obviously a moot point since the chances are, well, slim at best. It has the feel of having given up a child at birth and then seventeen years later she is at your door.

So, would I give it to her? Yeah, I guess so, but damn, I would hesitate. Then again, I’d love to hear that doorbell …


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