Telegram from Mt. Olympus

Aphrodite writes to me, in part …

I think I need to stop reading the f-ing disability blogs. Disability = Big Giant Bummer. I didn’t make the rules, and I really do think there might, might, be a reason these people are disabled and a reason we are their parents. Beyond that, science will improve and disability will change. Beyond that, LHC will let us know one way or the other!

The “LHC” is a reference to the Large Hadron Collider that some of us (ok, me) believe (ok, hope) (sort of) will, when run at full blast, create a black hole and cause all life as we know it to cease to exist in an instant. Cool. But I digress …

Interesting question … is there a reason “these people are disabled” and/or is there a reason “we are their parents”? For there to be a reason there needs to be a reasoner, no? Back to the question, is the Holy One, Blessed be He (or whatever god or goddess you believe in) a micro manager? If so, then S/He can fix my kid. If not, then, well, why bother even thinking about it.

I don’t know if Pearlsky and/or David have made me a better person. Actually, I think it is a moot point, I am who I am, and who I would have been without them is unknown. Other than less tired. And less stressed. And not as good at priorities. But more traveled. But never having known Aphrodite, Freya, or any of you. Maybe happier in general. Or more fulfilled. Maybe not.

I wish Pearlsky were normal. David too. I’ll take being a worse person if they were normal. Any day.


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