The unemployment rate just changed

This nanny has been with my daughter about a dozen times, if not more. She comes over this morning, a bit early and mentions that she got about 30 minutes of sleep last night. I don’t ask why.

She is with me as I dress my daughter. Since it is not a great day out, I say that it is ok if she does not wear a bra today since she will be staying indoors and no one is expected.

I typically feed the nannies. As I am leaving for an afternoon party, I notice a sandwich sitting by my daughter’s meds.

You brought a sandwich?

Yes, it’s peanut butter.

I just look at her. We have discussed several times, and she even wrote it down once, that my daughter is extremely allergic to peanut butter. Extremely. She finally realized it, mumbled something and put it back in her pack.

I leave to go to a party. As soon as I get there, maybe a twenty minute drive, I go to my friend’s computer and log into my nanny cam. There she is, the nanny, wrapped in a blanket and asleep. My daughter is on her play mat. I call to check on things … but her cell phone is dead or off. I see she wakes up about 10 minutes later.

I get home at 5:45. The nanny is sitting outside with my daughter. My daughters t-shirt is pretty wet, probably drool and water from a drink. Still no bra. Sitting next to them is some guy, turns out to be the nanny’s boyfriend. I am not happy.

Did Pearlsky get her 5:00 meds yet?

Oh my, is it after 5?

So much for this twit.


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