These shoes are too small

Have you read the link above, the one titled shoes? If not, read it now.

There are thoughts we have, “we” the parents of the severely disabled, that we cannot share with “others.” Even “others” who love us. Unless you are in those shoes, you cannot know. Even if you work with the severely disabled daily, if you are a NICU nurse, a doctor, clergy, even an aunt, uncle, or grandparent … you cannot understand. We are talking about the fruit of MY loins. I created her. Yes, along with her mother, who understands, but sometimes, even within the bounds of love and marriage, somethings are not said aloud.

Anonymity allows me to share. Although I do speak out to some, well, that is how I know that “others” cannot understand.

If you are a parent, have you ever had your child in the hospital? Really and truly sick? The kind of situation where you cannot sleep, all you can do is worry and throw up? OK, so now, what is the one thing you pray for? All you beg God for and the only thing you think about?

Please, God, anything to make her better …

Well, some of us have been there. But the prayer is much different.

Now read shoes again.


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