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I was so ready to put up this post I have been working on, about “disability masochist,” about whether or not I am defined by Pearlsky, this whole intellectual and articulate dissertation on how we are perceived because of our kids and how we perceive ourselves, now and even after we pass, the words were just flowing, and then WHAM!!!! Shit happens yet again.

Remember the investigation with the Department of Public Health, Office of Public Protection that is going on against the head nurse of the school district? The investigation that the State Attorney General’s office has backed me up on? The investigation into civil rights violations, abandonment, and neglect? My complaints that during the investigation this puke is still in charge of the daily health care for Pearlsky? Well, here is this morning’s email to the state investigator, the AG office, the school Superintendent, the Assistant Superintendent, the Special Ed Coordinator, and anyone else I was able to think of.

The Department of Public Health’s investigation into the nurse supervisor for our town’s public school has been going on for 198 days. This woman I complained about is still in charge of my daughter’s care and is currently endangering my daughter, and here is a specific example from today.

Pearlsky’s IEP states that there will be a nurse on the school bus with her at all times with the single potential exception of the rides between home and school (about 4 blocks). During those rides she can have a CPR trained aide. This is because Pearlsky has seizures and other medical issues and her doctor’s have determined a nurse must be available.

Today the bus was late, there was an aide and a nurse on board. I was told the lateness was because Pearlsky’s substitute aide was late. I asked why the need for the aide since the nurse was on board. The nurse told me that “We are on the bus only for Jackie (another disabled student) and cannot help Pearlsky.” I asked, “Even if there is a problem?” and was clearly told the aide is on the bus for Pearlsky, the nurses HAVE BEEN TOLD that they CANNOT attend to Pearlsky if she has a problem. Having nothing to do with Pearlsky’s IEP, the nurse, again, has been told that she is NOT there for Pearlsky, and is NOT to attend to her at all.

The nurse in charge has instructed her nurses (at least this one) that they are on the bus SOLELY for Jackie, and NOT to interact with Pearlsky. Pearlsky’s emergency medical care (the ONLY reason anyone is on the bus with her) is to be handled by an aide ONLY. That is why the aide was there, to help Pearlsky only in an emergency (they do nothing else) since the nurse would sit idly by.

Please note that in the case of Pearlsky having a seizure on the bus, the aides are not allowed to give her the only proper emergency treatment, Diastat, a determination that the nurse supervisor has made in the past. I can only assume the Diastat would stay in Pearlsky’s bag.

This woman CONTINUES to endanger my daughter, to make decisions that are detrimental to her health, her well-being, and her life.

How do I protect my daughter from this?

I will let you know if and when I hear anything.


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