What’s with all the crap?

I get a call from school, Pearlsky seems upset. The aide thinks it may be stomach related but is not sure.

I go to school and check her out, and quite frankly, I am not sure. She is obviously uncomfortable and does seem every so often to be straining, hence maybe she is a bit constipated, something very unusual for her.

After she gets home, the nanny and I agree so I go to the pharmacy. I ask where they have the glycerine suppositories and then ask the pharmacist if she thinks Pearlsky would need the child or adult size. She hesitates when she starts to say “It depends on the size of …” and I complete her sentence looking her right in the eyes “her asshole?” She looks uncomfortable. “Compared to what?” I ask.

I get the children’s size figuring I can use a couple if I need to. I also pick up some prune juice. It is better not to try drugs first I figure.

Once home, I give her one of the suppositories (a trivial task in case you are wondering). I tell the nanny to give her some prune juice with her 5 o’clock meds and I go back to the office.

When I get home, I ask if she took the prune juice, not knowing if she would like it or not. The nanny proudly states, “Yes, actually she loved it and drank five cups!” Thinking she was kidding, I looked at the bottle. Yes, five.

Oh shit.

About three hours later I was doing lots of laundry, cleaning the walls, etc.

Now, with a show of hands, who is glad I am back to blogging?


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