“Why can’t a woman be more like a man?” ~Henry Higgins

Just crying, out of the blue. She does not cry much, actually very little, so when she does, there is a reason.

But what on earth is the reason?

I wiggle her ears, it does not get worse. I touch her belly, check her limbs, move her around, nothing seems to exaggerate it, nothing seems to relieve it. It even "breaks through" Alieve or Advil.

So I give her a bit of valium … that works. That gives us two basic possibilities, neurological or muscle cramp / spasm. I don’t feel any muscles spams but her look and aura tell me she is not having neurological issues. Her face is a bit broken out ..

Her period. Damn. The timing is off.  Those cramps that are not seen but they are felt. How do I explain this to her? Maybe she understands, maybe not. The doctor has approved a bit of valium to stop the cramping when needed.

Why not "the pill"? That can mitigate the problem, or with some new methods, eliminate her period entirely. The problem is two fold. One, it interferes with bone density issues, already a problem in this population. Second, who knows what yet another drug (ok, hormone, but still) will do to her system and how it will interact with everything else. Besides the cancer risks, etc.

I could just rename her Ashley . But then I may be sent directly to hell, deservedly.

She most likely will never reproduce, and probably should not, so why does she have or need some of those parts? Who am I to remove those parts? Besides, I strive to give her as much "normalcy" as possible, to fit into society, to be integrated. Doesn’t the good come with the bad and she should suffer cramps along with her peers? Just writing the word "suffer" in a sentence about her sends shivers down my spine.

Why can’t a woman be more like a man?

I’m usually thankful they are not …


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