Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head …

The day started off with a call from the ex …

I think you should take physical custody of David.

David is our severely disabled son in the residential program. We have joint legal custody of both Pearlsky and David, I have physical custody of Pearlsky and she has physical custody of David.

Naturally, I asked why. It seems that she feels they may have to move and she does not want David changing school districts, hence his placement would be jeopardized. And why does she have to move?

We can’t afford to live here.

You both have jobs, how much is left on your mortgage?

We don’t have one.

I stopped that line of inquiry, and merely explained the process. We will both need to fill out full financial disclosure forms, you will show the court that you have a well paying job, your husband has a job, you have (as per the request) no dependents, no mortgage, and no car nor student loans. You will need to tell the court, under oath, why you want to give up physical custody. And, if granted, the judge will order child support based on my income, my having two dependents (Pearlsky is not yet emancipated), my mortgage and household expenses, and more. Tell me if you want to continue with this.

This would be a no win situation for me. If something happens with David’s placement, he would need to live with me, possibly on little or no notice. Pearlsky sees her mother once or twice a month, for maybe twenty minutes, and she lives about three miles away. Moving would make no difference.

I changed the subject. I asked if she got any rejections in the mail from the medical insurance (the insurance is through her) since several items for Pearlsky have been denied and I need the letters to appeal.

Oh, yeah, I got one about a month ago for her Prevacid. I guess I should have told you.

Duh, yeah. And I asked about any others since there have been other rejections.

I have not checked the mail in over a week. I will let you know.

So I told her what else was rejected and asked her to look into it.

I am sitting at lunch with a friend and a text message comes in. Here is the actual “conversation” between me and my sales manager …

Turning off computer soon. Text or call if u need me. (haven’t got phone configured correctly to receive emails.)

Did I know you were doing something today?

I left u a message last night on one of ur #’s. I said if u didn’t call me back, I wud assume u hated me.

I was out the night before, getting culturated with a certain goddess, and never got said message. And with that, my sales manager took the rest of the day off.

My ex calls after lunch.

The insurance company won’t talk to me, Pearlsky’s eighteen. They told me to put Pearlsky on the phone. I explained that was not possible and we got disconnected. I don’t know what to do.

I know what to do. I did it twelve years ago.

Guess what came in the mail when I got home? Yep, Pearlsky’s IEP for me to sign. Too bad I can’t sign it as is … but they should be simple changes … I’ll let you know.


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