Wonderful to meet you …

I went to my daughter’s camp yesterday to meet her new one-on-one aide. I got there at lunch time and ended up speaking with the aide, the group leader and another aide. It was great. At first I got the impression that the previous aide (remember the nanny I fired? her …) probably said things about me. After a few minutes we all appreciated this meeting and they were very comfortable with me. I truly think that my daughter is in great hands now, and I told the camp director that, too.

At the end we were talking about how my daughter usually comes home in a different t-shirt (I send in several). I mentioned, as an aside, that I expect her to always come home in her bra. They actually shuddered and said, very sincerely and immediately, “of course.” It was obviously a gut reaction, not even a thinking one from the past incident. I just smiled and said “we had that issue already.” One of the aides smiled and said “no worries.”

I was dying to tell them that it is unfortunate that the last aide is a thief and a whore (literally) and I should not have been surprised. I bit my tongue.


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