Wrong, I say, it is wrong

It is absolutely wrong for a single mother to take care of a son. Wrong, I say, wrong-aruni. Disgusting. Let’s say you have a disabled twelve year old boy … and he lives alone with his mother. My word, isn’t that an abhorrent thought? She changes his clothes! She bathes him! Good lord, she sees him naked.

Just as bad … a woman caring for her elderly father. No, wait, a man helping to care for his elderly, senile mom. Helping her get in or out of the shower. The horror of these thoughts.

I am my daughter’s primary, if not sole, caretaker. I am the only one who dresses her in the mornings and gets her ready for bed at night. I bathe her. I wipe her butt when I change her diaper. I hold her when she is seizing. I laugh and cry with her. She is my life.

Yet, there are more pukes than you can imagine who denigrate me, show disdain. Family, doctors, nurses, strangers … all because I am a man and I care for my teenage daugther. MY daughter.

I’d say “fuck ’em” … but I can’t. Some are mandated reporters.

A social worker, mandated reporter, and a lawyer walk into a bar …


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