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There are times when some of us decide we don’t want to forget a low point. An example of mine is from an event back in 1990. It was a bad day and I was in the midst of a really stupid argument as I was holding the television remote control. It was the first time I ever threw something in anger. Not at the other participant in the argument, mind you, very much in a different direction, but it was wrong. It was also the last time I ever threw something in anger. There are marks on the ceiling of my bedroom from the remotes … and the ceiling has been painted three times since. The painters never knew why I insisted they NOT paint over the marks, you can even see the tape outline around them. I see those marks daily, and have not lost it since.

Gillian wrote what she did for herself, to remember the low she hit. If she was a poet, it would have been in verse. If she was a country music singer, we’d all be changing the station. After writing it, she decided to share it with me, and I shared with you. We all, especially those of us in this club, hit that low at times.

Remember the post a few days ago about the web site I found that had clothes that might work for Pearlsky? I wrote about what an idiot I was for not wanting to buy from there because the web site was not very professional? Note that I never identified the site, but I did offer the comments to the owner. Just to let you know, as a follow-up, Pearlsky and I received threats of physical violence from someone, I am guessing the web designer, but don’t know.

… you’ll be very sorry….try me. . Thanks to your email address I have everything on you…address, kids names….you name it…

Being a geek, I know that the claims are totally bogus. But I tell you, these here internets are a scary place. And don’t comment on this in the comments please, I don’t need more aggravation!

Remember DaisyAndAriasDaddy, the professor? Aria is still in the hospital and has many many issues. Dad seems to be handling it extremely well (of course he has a great role model … 😉 ), and now he lets us in on a secret. His wife, Rachael, has a blog as well, TheSociallyInappropriateMom. I wonder if they have different takes on the same situations …

It is such a bitch to get the body jacket on Pearlsky by myself that she hardly wears it. Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.

The state is still investigating the head nurse and the stuff she did to Pearlsky. What on earth is that about? For four months? Death penalty cases have taken less time.

Okay, I’m done for now.


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