“you were so right”~bff

A brief text message after a close friend had some interactions with the powers that be. Her daughter is on her first IEP and, well, things are not going as they should.

you were so right,┬áthe phrase “violate her IEP” sure lights their pubic hairs on fire ­čÖé

I get literally hundreds of emails a day, many are spam filtered, many not. Such is life. But there is one that I subscribe to. It sends a daily email on one seemingly random topic and some dumb facts to go with it. I happen to like it, and today’s was very ├ápropos, even if a day or two late. You can see the web page copy of it here.

Pearlsky? Hard to tell. She seems like, yes, she may feel better, but it is very hard to tell. And the, ummm, gastrointestinal side effect is keeping all of us, ummm, busy. But that is under control. We are trying to keep her distracted during the day. Why do we have summer break?


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