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Reevaluate, for the first time

As every year, I received an invitation to Pearlsky’s classroom for a Cinco de Mayo lunch. They do a special family lunch a few times a year. I go. I hate going. It is tough just walking through the high school. The hallways are always full of normal kids. I have to make my way

Making the easy not-so-easy

First I want to thank everyone for their comments and emails on the last post. Note that I added a comment there that you may find interesting. The only things Pearlsky really needs from school are socialization and physical therapy. Most of the other stuff is just crap, let’s face it. Occupational therapy might be


I suck as a blogger recently, I get that. Yeah, a lot is going on and I really need to share more. For me, if not for you. I recently gave a two hour talk to a graduate class at a local college, on growth attenuation. I then went back two weeks later to moderate

[motion of] No Confidence issue

Email just sent to the new “High School Special Education Coordinator.” Subject: [motion of] No Confidence issue I really need you to understand that my daughter is not only severely disabled, she has absolutely no communication. I am not able to do what every parent does every day, that is to ask her “how was

Quick note

Yes, trust me, I have lots to post about. Just can’t at the moment, so seeing that it is IEP time for many of us … sit back and enjoy …

“Every sin is the result of collaboration.” ~Stephen Crane

So I am waiting to hear from the wannabe pedagogue as to his ideas for Pearlsky on “vocational training” day and how they fit into his “modality” thing. If you don’t know what “modality” means, especially in the way he is using it, don’t fret, neither does he. You know, big words, small mind kind

“Some people think I’m a total moron and I would hope most people think I’m very good at what I do.” ~Dan Abrams

I wrote the email in the previous post to the Assistant Superintendent for Student Services and copied the teacher and the head of transportation. The teacher responded today. You have my word, this is the ENTIRE response: ESY ends at 3:00PM and Pearlsky will not be transported home prior to 3:00PM. That’s it. The moron

“One of my main regrets in life is giving considerable thought to inconsiderate people.” ~Jarod Kintz

A month ago I got a call from the new Extended School Year (ESY – summer program, see last post) coordinator. Actually, he is just the teacher, but he gets a fancy title I guess. Or just made it up. During the call he tells me that the program runs six weeks, five days a