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How do we spell hell? I-E-P

I decided to take Barbara‘s advice and bring cookies to the IEP. Unfortunately, I could not find any that looked good, so while in the supermarket I picked up a box of brownie mix. Walking home, I stopped at the high school playground and bought some good “herbs” to cook in the brownies … the

IEP Progress Report

These progress reports are as enlightening as the IEPs themselves. Our next IEP meeting is the end of the month. Here are some direct quotes from the report just received. (And note the new poll of the day on the right.)

I hate when my rant gets sidelined

I was all set to write about summer camp again. The school is starting to think about what to do with Pearlsky this summer (after an email from me asking what they are going to do with Pearlsky this summer). There were some quasi-infuriating emails already, and I was just about to post about it

Remember, you cannot spell “assessment” without a-s-s

A new form came home from school today, “Evaluation Consent Form.” Ok, I can deal. What kind of “assessment” do they want to do for Pearlsky? The young lady with NO communication skills, the young lady who does not appear to purposely look anywhere, whose verbalizations are the same for physical irritation as well as apparent enjoyment?

“A memorandum is written not to inform the reader but to protect the writer.” ~Dean Acheson

… the IEP must include a statement that the child has been informed of the child’s rights under Part B of the Act … ” ~U.S. Department of Education A statement of measurable annual goals, including academic and functional goals designed to: Meet the child’s needs that result from the child’s disability to enable the

“Goals are dreams with deadlines.” ~Diana Scharf Hunt

I just got Pearlsky’s Progress Report from school. Well, thank God, it is about time for some progress. Actually, it should be called the Not Progress Report … Measurable Annual Goal: Pearlsky will use a variety of communication techniques to request activities, objects or to initiate interactions with peers and adults. How well we know