Another one bites the dust

Every blogger extraordinaire knows that if you don’t like a post you put up, but don’t want to take it down, you need to quickly change the subject. Hence, I will change the subject. But first, I won’t. (Ain’t so extraordinaire)

There are many reasons to blog. There is fame and fortune. There is ego. Then, there are the chicks. I blog to get chicks. The way I see it, blogging the image of a single guy in his early fifties, holding his seizing nineteen-year-old daughter, barely holding back tears, visually searching the room for a gas spigot, well, if that doesn’t attract them womens, nothing will!

I want to thank all of you who left comments on the previous post, who wrote emails, who sent text messages, and who called with support. And those who just sent thoughts or prayers. Thank you. Pearlsky is better today, we will get blood work on Monday and be watching to see if there is a repeat performance.

Where was I? Oh yeah, another one bites the dust. Claire, she of Life With a Severely Disabled Child blog has ended her blog. I say “great!” less competition. No, not really, hers was a great blog about life with her daughter (and other daughter, and soon to be ex). She offers a cryptic reason for ending the blog, but reading between the lines it is basically because her husband has taken to reading the blog and trying to use anything possible against her during their divorce. Personally, I am sure she will pop up elsewhere, and I think he should be fed gruel and be denied his meds for four years. But that’s just me.

There is another blog I have mentioned here before, and I will once more. I really believe her voice is vital, her experiences are very important for all of us. She deserves more supportive comments, or none at all. Trust me. Read about Kelly and Chris.

Welcome to many new readers in recent days. I think some of you come from One Sick Mother (Living with Chronic Health Conditions, An Evasive Diagnosis and Kids on the Autistic Spectrum), thanks for stopping by!

And no, Heather, it is never too late to enter the “ambrosial buttocks” competition.

I am turning in early, turning up the monitors, and praying. And again, a sincere thanks to everyone for the support today.


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