“Do you still beat your wife?”

I was asked the following question by two investigators, one from the state’s adult protective services (Pearlsky is 20), and the other from one of our city’s police detectives. They both knew at the time of the question that I had resumed sending her to school. The actual conversations.

Do you feel she is now safe in the school program?

A question with no proper answer. The response to each was the same.

You know I sent her to school this morning. You are not a mandated reporter, you are who a mandated reporter reports to. If I tell you “no, I do not feel she is safe” I am saying to you that I knowingly and purposely put her in a situation in which I think she will be in danger. That would not be the best thing for me to admit to, would it?

A few weeks ago I felt that Pearlsky was “safe” in the school program. I put her on the bus every morning believing she would come home seven hours later in pretty much the same condition as I sent her.

After the steps and agreements put in place, I sent her to school this morning. Do I think she is safe? Yes.

Is that “safe” any different than the “safe” a few weeks ago? Does it have a whit more meaning? Or rather, isn’t my feeling she is safe as meaningless now as it was then?

What would make you feel that she is safer?

A rottweiler I personally train? A female trained assassin who believes Pearlsky is her daughter? The reality is, nothing would.


Maybe knowing the LHC will be turned up to 11 tomorrow.


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