“I got kicked out of ballet class because I pulled a groin muscle. It wasn’t mine.” ~Rita Rudner

Ever feel like you were being pulled in twenty directions? That’s what it is like around here. Tomorrow I am driving, sans Pearlsky, to see my mom (about 5 hours) and to do assorted household tasks for her. Until dad’s passing 8 months ago, she has never lived on her own. So a day of tasks, then driving back the next day.

Pearlsky is doing well, unless of course you count a major allergic reaction to a new medication that caused the epi-pen to come out. The crap never ends, does it? Yes, she is okay.

A ton of other stuff, but not for now. I will leave you with this musical video thing. I really like it and have decided I want my next wedding where it takes place and I want her to do the entertainment (“her” as in the woman singing in the video, not “her” as in my bride). Heck, I’ll even buy her the other glove.


Keep those applications coming …  😉


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