Je suis amoureux

That’s French for “I’m in love” and yes I am! I’ll tell you about her … at least what I think I know …

  • Speaks French (from Belgium? Comoros? Djibouti? Vanuatu? France? oooh, Madagascar?)
  • Not sure if she still lives in NY, or … ummm, well, she does have internet access
  • She’s intelligent, a great writer, and I am betting curvy
  • An animal lover! But … has a cat … (Pearlsky is allergic)

Yes, I met her on the internet. OK, I’m not really in love, never met her, and just learned about her yesterday while up all night reading her writings on a multiple author commercialish blog web site. How did I find her? (Keep your mind out of the gutter, no I was not surfing for that stuff, well not then anyway, and hey, it doesn’t just download itself!)

Yesterday I noticed a lot of people posting on my Makeup Sex post about Pearlsky and makeup, clothes, etc. Lots of great comments, but where were all the people coming from?

From HERE! A woman named Francesca wrote this post and sent a lot, and I mean a lot, of readers our way! It is a fashion and lifestyle blog for the plus-size woman, it is funny, easy to read, has what appear to be great tips and links for fashion (like I would know a great tip or link for fashion if it fell on me …) and as I now know, read by lots of great women with helpful ideas (except for the one who thinks I “feel very creepy”).

Francesca is my new best friend (sorry, Ken, but check out her blog, some of the models … well, it’s worth checking out).

Manolo for the Big Girl!


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