This past weekend my neighbor Dolly told me that she works with Mary, the Chief of the Attorney General’s Civil Rights Division and I should definitely send her the information about the school district. So I did.

Yesterday Dolly tells me … “I saw Mary in the hallway, and she said she responded to your email.” But alas, she had not.

This morning, the aide on Pearlsky’s bus was really pissed. She saw in the email that the head nurse claimed the aide has been giving the amino acid for “for more than 10 years.” It is actually an important point that this is not true. As soon as the bus leaves, this email goes out to everyone …

Ms. HeadNurse, Asst. Superintendent, et alia:

Please note, and this is important, Ms. HeadNurse’s statement:

“Pearlsky has successfully received the amino acid for more than 10 years from her 1:1 para.”

is patently false. Did anyone ask said “para” if in fact this was true? It was only AFTER you, Ms. HeadNurse, took over in your current position were the nurses instructed to deny Pearlsky the doctor mandated amino acid that prevents her seizures and much more. Simply asking the “para,” or the nurses who have been with Pearlsky all this time, will verify the truth. Previous to your taking over, the nurses were properly caring for Pearlsky.

And it was quiet … for a while.

Close to lunchtime I get an email from the Assistant Superintendent, the head nurse’s supervisor. She simply asks for a phone number where she can reach me later in the day. I send her my google voice number, it rings my house, my cell and my office all at once.

And I’m thinking, what the heck is she going to say? Did the email push her over the edge? Did she fire the head nurse? Does she know about the official complaint against the nurse’s license with the Department of Public Health?

I go on the web, and I find the phone number for the State Attorney General’s office. I punch in the number for the Mary (Chief of the Attorney General’s Civil Rights Division). I swear, this is what followed …

Hello, Mary Smith.

Oh, come on. Is this her assistant or admin?

(chuckle) No, it’s really me.

You answer your own phone? Wow! I already think you’re great. My name is SingleDad, a friend of Dolly.

You know, I saw Dolly yesterday, I am so glad you called. I thought I answered your email, I am so sorry …

I told her that no apologies were necessary, she was incredibly nice. I must say she is very well known and a very powerful force in civil rights around here.

We talk, she knew most of the issues. Lots of questions about the amino acid topic, I tell her I am actually more upset about the summer trip to the pond that the nurse did not allow Pearlsky to go on. She said “me too.” She knew the names of the Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent, etc. Just a great woman.

I then told her that the Assistant Superintendent was going to call me later in the day, I did not know why. She asked for my phone number and said she would get back to me.

She calls a few minutes later.

I left a voice mail for both the Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent making clear that the Attorney General’s office was calling about Pearlsky and civil rights violations and they should call me back. If you speak to them first, let me know what happens.

Wow. Not wow … Holy shit.

Thirty minutes later she calls me again  …

I spoke with the Assistant Superintendent. She understands the issues, she is not happy either, and her call to you is the solution to the amino acid problem. She explained the summer issue pretty much as confusion that took a few weeks to clear up.

It wasn’t confusion.


I then said that the father-voracious-advocate in me wants to see the head nurse “publicly flogged in the town square.” We discussed that I could bring civil rights charges, etc. but she also felt that a call from her to the Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent is a pretty major smack down (my words, but hers were equivalent). Additionally, the complaint to the Licensure Division is continuing. Then she tried to apologize again for not getting right back to my email. I told her not to worry about it.

The Assistant Superintendent calls. Not a word about Mary, just to tell me that she will try to get an email out tomorrow to the head nurse specifying that the nurses will be giving the amino acid, period, but she would leave a voicemail today. She reminded me how she is not into email and I should call immediately if there are other problems (yeah, SingleDad not putting things in writing, uh-huh). I thanked her, and that’s that.

OK, a show of hands … who wants my life?

I assume either everyone “got” the title to the previous post … or you emailed Ken and he explained it. 🙂


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