“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.” ~Isaac Asimov

Let’s face it, transitions suck. And I thought we were done.

I guess there is a reason they call it “Children’s” hospital. Yes, we are aged out. Well, kind of.

Pearlsky’s doctors are letting us know that the time has come to transition (there’s that word again) to the adult medical care in the area. Some of the doctors do have patients into their 30’s, but in general, once a patient enters his or her 20’s, it is time to move on.

In some cases we have been with these doctors for 22 years. Two of them have known Pearlsky all her life. The shortest relationship is probably 10 years. And I know you won’t believe this, but really, Single Dad is picky about doctors. Yep, really. I have smiled, and wheeled Pearlsky out of doctor appointments after a few minutes. All of her doctors are hand picked by either me, or other doctors who know Pearlsky (ok, who know her dad) and came highly recommended (and prepared). These are incredible doctors, incredible people who we get along with fantastically. Who have seen Pearlsky nearly dead, seen her dad at his worst, who have been there for us. Doctor’s who were in on the diagnosis of a metabolic disorder never before described.

And now they are kicking us to the street. Ok, no, they are not. It is simple abandonment. Well, no.

We are looking for new doctors over the next year. They have recommended a woman doctor in an affiliated hospital who “gets it” and would be a good match. We will check her out, she is an internist and we will need a small team in addition. I think we can get away with an internist, neurologist, GI, and a gynocologist. If you remember, we do have a fantastic GYN, we went once and need to make another appointment now.

This is harder than I thought. Do transitions ever end?


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