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I was not sure if I was going to follow-up on the previous post, but alas, I must, as you shall see.

Basically, I wrote a “Single Dad” email, went back and forth a bit with the teacher and administrators. The teacher actually admitted to intentionally, knowingly documenting events that have not happened. Here is my final email to the Director of Special Education:

I hope you have seen this email trail, if not, I would like to bring it to your attention.

As you are aware, your physical therapist in the past has considered notes coming home to be “silly” and not worth taking seriously. Now it is the teacher.

The teacher emails me daily with some key events of Pearlsky’s day so I can know if there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Now, by his own admission, I find that he has no problem writing the note IN ADVANCE of the items he is documenting and sending it to me. Yes, he documents the future as if it has happened.

His rational, as you see below, is that “a problem from her [para] or Pearlsky’s end of things … would be extremely rare and would have been communicated to you after the fact.” Most significantly please note that problems with nursing and transportation are definitely NOT extremely rare. I guess he is saying that he will just make up stuff first, and if later it is wrong, someone will tell me? So instead of always knowing that I know what happened, now I must always wait for a potential retraction? Hence a completely meaningless note.

This is so completely absurd to be beyond laughable. It appears NONE of your staff takes sending notes home with a shred of seriousness, no one cares if I am informed of Pearlsky’s day in a truthful manner.

I resent getting notes home that document the future as if they are factual and actual occurrences.

I resent your staff not caring about honestly informing parents of what they do with / to the students.

I resent the facade being offered to me, notes obviously just for my appeasement.

On a different topic, I am fascinated that the usual two page field trip permission form with all its legalese and liability clauses and specifics about nurses and aides has been replaced by a single fairly meaningless sentence. Don’t get me wrong, I like the new one much better, just found it very very surprising.

I await your input on how I can have a clue what happens to my daughter during the school day since any notes that come home have zero credibility.

I did not get a response other than seeing that she then passed this email on to the teacher.

I can hear you now saying “Hey, Single Dad, who gives a shit? That was last week, it’s over, stop being a baby about it and move on.”

Ouch. And I thought you were my friends.

Fast forward to … today!

Pearlsky gets home everyday by 2:55. School ends at 2:45 and yes, the school is spitting distance from our house. She is always home within 10 minutes.

“Hey, Single Dad, why you emphasizing the time so much?”

Hold on, ok? Let me finish.

I am home waiting for Pearlsky, at 2:55 an email comes in with the note of the day.

Here is the email I sent to two levels of school administrators, emphasis as in original, and it says it all:

I am so done with these notes that are MY ONLY WAY OF KNOWING anything about my child. Last week’s note that was intentionally filled out previous to events claimed was outrageous, today’s is equally so.

We are waiting for Pearlsky. At 2:55 I get a note saying she left school on time, at 2:45. She is not home on time, it starts getting late, I figure something bad happened, it is only a four minute drive.

I call transportation, I call the driver’s cell phone … it would be nice to know where my daughter is. No answers. It gets to be 25 minutes past her documented time of leaving for a four minute drive.

She gets home at 3:15, about 20 minutes late for a four minute drive, and the note says “Departed on time w/ Aide.”

Funny thing, the aide and the van driver told me they left the school about 20 minutes late.

These notes are obviously canned text, or written in advance (as proven and admitted to last week). Today’s note was sent BEFORE Pearlsky left school and said she departed 10 minutes previous to the time it was written.

This is simply totally unacceptable. We now have documented, within a week’s time, two notes that are untrue and that document events that have not occurred. At least one of them was intentionally filled out that way.

I am requesting AN IMMEDIATE IEP TEAM MEETING to mandate that ACCURATE AND TRUE notes be sent home reporting on Pearlsky’s day.

I’ll let you know what happens. As if anything will.

Did I ever tell you I hate idiots?


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