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After many years, we are changing the nanny. On her last day, I offered her the car she often borrowed, free. Of course she took it. The following week she came back to give me the license plates so I could take the car off my insurance. As she was leaving she handed me an envelope.

I got this yesterday, and it is on your plates.

A $30 ticket for double parking.

Then I call the insurance company to take the car off my policy. No problem … sort of. At the end of the call, the woman reviews my policy … and informs me that there are now two drivers in my house.

And who would the other be?

Turns out my daughter was given an ID number from the Motor Vehicle Registry people and one computer talks to another, etc.
So I explain that she in non-mobile, non-verbal, severely disabled and would not make a very good driver. I further explain that I never applied for any type of ID or license or number or whatever.

A few hours later I get a call, she is not on the insurance as a driver any more. But she is registered with the motor vehicle people and has a state issued number.


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