“Never tell me the odds.” ~Hans Solo

DO NOT RESEARCH ANYTHING on these here internets.

Pearlsky has a boat load of Group B streptococcal bacteria colonies in her urine, gazillions to be exact. So I check the internets … and I find this little website that says …

How serious is this infection in adults?
The average death rate for invasive infections (infections where the bacteria have entered a part of the body that is normally not exposed to bacteria) is 8-10% for adults ages 18-64 …

But then, why believe the CDC?

Go ahead, hit the arrow, hear it in his own words … [audio:odds.mp3]

On a lighter note …

A couple of blogs to point out …

Becca is a single mom down under. One of her sons died a couple of years ago in an incident that was so totally wrong, literally run down in the prime of his life. She struggles with the memories, along with her other two sons, and the store she just opened in memory of her son and his passion for skate boarding. When Pearlsky was born we saw a counselor a few times who dealt with “pregnancy loss” … there are connections between loss of a child at the start, loss of one later in life, and what me and my ex have experienced twice, accepting the loss of that we never had. Check out Becca’s blog … she has recently restarted it.

Now, to the complete opposite extreme. Yes, from Australia to Finland. To one whacked Helsinkian, Adela. From her “Behind the Blog” page … “This blog is my maternity leave hobby. While my baby is taking her nap, I create scene around her and take quick snap photos.” This woman needs a life, but she does not need more readers, her blog averages 19,012 hits a day! Go check out Mila’s Daydreams.

Of course there is always Ken’s blog. I like Ken, we are so alike. He has a son with that “Autism thing.” I don’t. I have a severely disabled daughter and Ken … doesn’t. He’s married and I’m … oh … not. Well, he has a blue skinned red headed hottie on his blog header and I … have some naked guy. Ok, got it. Ken always seems to have a grasp on reality that is slipping away, BINGO, I feel that way too! Two guys (among many) trying to do the best we can with what we have. Go check out Ken if you haven’t.

And of course those in the Blogroll on the right, and those who comment …

Hey, by the way, don’t believe anything you read on the Internets. Somehow, we beat the odds.

I hope.

Hope too, ok?


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