Shaking, and had a drink

When this hits the media, I will let you know. It may be soon. I am still shaking, hours later. I had a drink (albeit a small one … very very dry Southern Comfort Manhattan, up, with a twist, if you must know).

Emails of the day.

To the Department of Public Health and to the State Attorney General’s Chief of Civil Rights:

I have no idea where to go or who to tell …

The head nurse just informed me that the school nurses will not be giving Pearlsky her doctor mandated amino acid at the normal 2:30 time, it is currently 1:50. She has decided that she does not approve of how it is delivered to the school.

As of several weeks ago, the DPH, school physician, school administration, head nurse and I agreed that I would send it in in a commercially labeled amino acid container.

This is outrageous neglect according to state law, “A nurse licensed by the Board shall not abuse, neglect, mistreat, abandon, or otherwise harm a patient.”

Note that the law defines neglect as such: “Neglect means the unjustified failure to provide treatment and/or services necessary to maintain the health and/or safety of a patient.”

NOT ONLY DID THEY REFUSE TO GIVE IT TODAY, they did not have Pearlsky’s “para-professional” give it, the woman who has for several years. The amino acid was delivered to school as it has been for over 12 years and NO ONE gave it to her, KNOWINGLY and INTENTIONALLY denying her the primary medical treatment that she needs. It was a conscious, specific decision on the head nurse’s part to have NO ONE give Pearlsky her amino acid.

I was notified of this at a time when I could not physically get to the school to do it.

The woman is neglecting AND endangering my daughter at this very moment.

Please help me protect my daughter’s life, her health, and her rights.

Apparently, Pearlsky cannot attend school from this point on. PLEASE ADVISE.


I must inform you that Pearlsky will not be attending school, as legally mandated, due to the events of today.

The head nurse has decided that Pearlsky cannot receive her doctor mandated amino acid, as she has every day that she has been in the school district, approximately fifteen years. As shown by the actions today, the head nurse has decided that neither the school nurses NOR any other personnel can give it. Pearlsky was sent home, having consciously been denied what the doctors have ordered be handled as “a medication” because I was too far away to get to school in time and the head nurse did not allow any nurses to give it, nor did she allow anyone else to do so.

This is a direct violation of her civil rights, endangered her health, and more, but unfortunately it is something that must occur everyday and there is no time to fight the issues. Hence, effective immediately, Pearlsky cannot be endangered by attending school.

Please advise.

I just got a call from the Attorney General’s Chief of Civil Rights … she is not at all happy. She will let that be known tomorrow morning to both the Superintendent and to the Town lawyers. She promised Pearlsky. Really.

(Before you tell me to sue the bastards, understand that the Attorney General’s office bringing charges is much worse than me trying to sue. It is a bigger stick.)


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