The devil and the deep blue sea

The only time we do not use a lift is bath time, there is no lift in the bathroom. All I need to do is pick Pearlsky up from her wheelchair, turn around and put her on her bath seat … then after the bath, vice versa.

This time, wet, clean and in my arms, she decided to seize. Okay, not decided

The choices were to drop her on the ceramic floor, or to twist bizarrely into a position where I can go down to the floor with her. Her seizing made it impossible to put her in her chair or back on the bath seat as she was wet, slippery, seizing … and so we went down.

She is fine. I am on oxycodone and my umpteenth ice pack. The local spine center says I will survive; I guess that’s good.

Yes, we got the new wheelchair, again. Yes, it now wheels, you push it and it moves! Who would have thunk?

If it originally came in the condition it is in now, I would have been happy. Seeing that they knew they needed to get it 100% this time, well, it is about 95% … but we are happy. What’s a bit of touch up paint between friends?

More when the pain subsides …


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