The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.” ~Steven Wright

  1. Holidays would be great if it weren’t for so much famn damily.
  2. Ken is my new best friend, maybe I should tell him.
  3. The Robert Mapplethorpe Award for Best Use of Your Tax Dollars Spent on the Arts goes to Dancer Rita Marcolo and her Dance of Epileptic Seizures. (Go read it, I dare you.) (Thanks to Lynn for the link.)
  4. If you are going with a typical grocery store turkey, either get a kosher one or a frozen Butterball, they are salted and basically pre-brined and will come out much juicier. Personally, I am roasting a 13 pound goose that takes two days to prepare. And five minutes to consume. And, no, I won’t save you any.
  5. Pearlsky really hates when the grease from the goose causes smoke and the fire alarm goes off. Maybe she can go to your house while I cook?
  6. We are supposed to be thankful on Thanksgiving. Sounds like a stupid conspiracy to me. Let’s see, my thankful list …
    • There won’t be any school nurses at my table.
    • I get to hug my mom, it’s been too long since I saw her last.
    • Rachael, an incredible little girl who had a stroke last year at age six, got some good news from one of the best children’s stroke teams around. I didn’t think neurologists were allowed to give good news.
    • The anti-social worker silent deterrent thing hung on my front door seems to be working.
  7. Oprah announces she is going off the air right after I send her an email daring her to allow me and Ashley’s dad to debate on her show. What a chicken shit, she could have just said “no.”
  8. Let’s see if Larry King acts the same way.
  9. Admit it, you also think it would be a hoot to go to the Disabled Kid’s Keeper’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. Or have her at yours.
  10. Do they even have turkeys in Hungary? Or Canada?
  11. I am very thankful that they finally fired up the LHC at CERN and nothing happened to end life as we know it in an instant as a black hole formed and sucked up the earth. But then, there’s still hope, they will quadruple the power soon.

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