“Your children need your presence more than your presents.” ~Jesse Jackson

As mentioned, my son is also severely disabled. My ex and I have joint custody and he lives at a residential program in another state, about two hours away (not my choice).

I needed to revisit an issue today and this is the third time. Some documents came from the school part of his program … with my name removed. Think my email showed that I am a bit dismayed?

Here is the email I just sent to the principal (names changed) …

Mr. Jones:

Once again your facility has removed me from documentation as a parent of Joe Smith. On documents (progress reports) you personally sent to me and received today, I am not included under the heading of “PARENTS:”

Please note that I am a parent of Joe Smith legally and biologically, unless you have proof otherwise. I would appreciate that you either change the designation to “PARENT:” or you recognize that, in fact, I am Joe’s father (i.e.: parent). These are documents you share with third parties, making this particularly egregious.

I cannot comprehend why this has to be revisited, yet again.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

-John Smith
FATHER of Joe Smith

It is bad enough he does not live with me, it is bad enough he does not live nearby, but now they decide (again) to further alienate me?

I removed the paragraph ridiculing the principal for the cursive handwriting font he uses in his letter that is both very difficult to read and makes him appear to be a pre-adolescent girl.

(I can’t believe I quoted Jesse Jackson for the title …)

(just a bad day …)


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