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A new phase of life …

Time to confront my worst fears. I have been diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. The last few years I have been dealing with “the incident” Pearlsky had at school, slowly winding down my high-tech company and dealing with some low-level depression from said incident, wooing and winning the hand of an incredible Canadian blogger

I failed my son

I went to my son’s IEP today, he has 16 months left of school. The drive to his residential facility is about two hours, it makes for a long day. A long, horrible day. The law says that every child with a disability is to be educated as much as possible with their non-disabled peers.

When the teacher is the bully …

New client, first meeting I attended as the advocate. I always follow up a meeting with an email with the key points, especially anything we want in writing, after all, “If it is not in writing, it wasn’t said.” Here is a key excerpt from the meeting email this week … Nancy¬†has an Individualized Education

Blessed is the True Judge

When we hear of a death, we try to affirm that the holy One, blessed be He, knows what He is doing. Hence we say “Blessed is the True Judge.” Being the heathen I am, I say it anyway. Even though He may be a She, and either way, S/He may not know what He

Of quotes and wheelchairs

If you can’t do your job, why is someone paying you? Actual phone conversation with a pharmacy technician from CVS, really … We only got in a partial amount of Pearlsky’s Pediasure. Would you like to pick it up or wait for us to get the rest? How much did you get? Ten cases. You