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Of quotes and wheelchairs

If you can’t do your job, why is someone paying you? Actual phone conversation with a pharmacy technician from CVS, really … We only got in a partial amount of Pearlsky’s Pediasure. Would you like to pick it up or wait for us to get the rest? How much did you get? Ten cases. You

Did you / do you have a wheelchair nightmare?

Two public service announcements. 1. I was recently contacted by Karen Shell,┬áDirector of Branch Services for National Seating & Mobility. They are the DME (sales / distribution arm for “durable medical equipment”) I use for Pearlsky’s wheelchair. She has read this blog and contacted me about the total nightmare that her company can be at

Fifth time the charm?

If you have read through this blog you know we have a history with wheelchairs and the companies that deal with them. In the past I have not identified the companies by name, I try not to do that, nor do I identify teachers, nurses, etc. This post will be an exception. I made the

From the eMailbag …

Hi, wondering if you can share dimensions of the rooms your daughter uses. How big is the bedroom? Bathroom? Would she spend most of her time in the living or another room? How big is that? Or, how large a room have you found is needed to accomodate her well? Does she use a stander?

Yes, I have the power

Well, not really, but it felt that way. As I was walking into my office today, the phone was ringing. I grabbed it … it was the big shot at Sunrise Medical (the wheelchair company) who hand delivered Pearlsky’s fourth chair! He wanted to assure me that Claire‘s Sophie will be getting her chair cared

Sunrise Medical wheelchairs would be great, if they worked

Remember my saga on Pearlsky’s wheelchair(s)? We went through three or four (depends on how you count) until we got one that, well, in non-technical jargon, “worked”? (One of MANY posts on the subject). It took months to get an $8000 wheelchair that was not scratched and had wheels that, get this, TURNED. Finally, we

Soapbox time! (yet again … wheelchairs …)

I don’t get the whole wheelchair thing. Well, I get it, don’t understand why everyone does not. In case you are curious, Pearlsky’s wheelchair cost $8032.60. If you want to see the actual breakdown and full cost, click here. Okay. Let’s see … if you want to go to the store or to school you

“Money cannot buy health, but I’d settle for a diamond-studded wheelchair.” ~ Dorothy Parker

Yep, more wheelchair woes. I am so tired of them, I have not even bothered you with it. All I am going to do is take a deep breath, and in one long breath, tell you the whole story … and then let it go …