Home is where you park your wheelchair

Only one comment on the previous post so far … several emails about it though.  You think it’s tough to come up with a comment, try living the situation! Hence … I’m tired. And you know what, I am serious about what I am about to say … I want to run away. Far. No

“Hope springs eternal …” ~Alexander Pope

I will start with what would appear to be a non sequitur, but is not, hence it may just be that elusive non non sequitur. And more to the point, since it comes before the post itself, to which it is a non non sequitur, it is more properly a pre-post non non sequitor. Many

Mad Mensa Math Skills

A comment on the last post sort of insinuates that I went into the IEP meeting and bullied the therapists and teacher with my superior math skills. Well, yeah, but that was not the point. I am remiss in that I did not offer the proper introduction in the blog post, the “why” for you

Who’s the retarded one?

IEP hell. Paula, I just put a switch in front of you. I am going to name 100 colors and I want you to hit the switch when I say a color you happen to like. OK? Red, blue, green … etc. At the end of the 100 colors, we see you hit the switch


Have I ever mentioned in this blog that I hate idiots? Today I spoke with the new communication specialist who the school district is subjecting Pearlsky to having work with Pearlsky. She called. The specialist, not Pearlsky, for you see, Pearlsky HAS NO FORM OF COMMUNICATION. I sort of glazed over when she was talking about

The lesser of many evils

Yesterday the psychologist asked me “If you are so dismayed with the school and the district, why don’t you send Pearlsky elsewhere?” There is no residential program that can possibly give her the love, affection, and caring that she gets at home. Don’t you read Kelly’s blog? There is no other school within commute distance for

“This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever.” ~Sigmund Freud

Pearlsky has a year and a bit left of school until she starts getting state services instead of school. Wonderful. I freaking love change. The school needs to do a psych re-evaluation (for the first time) to pass along to the state and we will discuss said evaluation at her next IEP. To prepare, I

Is there anyone on earth who welcomes an email from SingleDad?

Sent to Pearlsky’s Team Facilitator and the school’s Director of Special Ed. Note that a day earlier I had a discussion with the TF about how the attempts at communication have been a joke, and particularly told her this story from just about exactly a year ago. So yesterday I wrote … Subject: Pearlsky, communication, the farce continues Mary: