Move over

My daughter takes nine different medicines during a typical day. Most are taken multiple times a day. Two of them need to be compounded, in other words, they are not "standard" meds and must be made especially for her. Our pharmacy was just shut down by the state Board of Pharmacy or whatever. Your run


So I saw my son yesterday. He is in a residential program in another state, after the divorce he went with my wife, then she could not deal with him at home. I would have taken him, still want to, but I cannot logistically deal with two severely disabled children at home. It broke my

Isn’t a noose a “loop hole” ?

So my daughter goes to a summer camp about a forty minute drive. She does not stay in the school district since they do not have an appropriate program for her, so they send her out. That’s ok. Her IEP (special school plan thing) specifies that she must have a nurse with her during any

Happy Mother’s Day

So, when a kid is a year or two old, someone helps him or her with a present for mom on mother’s day. The mom will get a card with a fake signature from the kid. Nothing is wrong with this, it is a way to try to engage the child and teach him or

Truly sick

Nothing to say, except to share … here is a screen shot of the search words that people have used to find this blog. The two "worst" (in my humble opinion) come from a third world country in Asia. Uggh … that’s all I have to say.

Is it only second degree?

So, I hire new nannies to take care of my daughter. Two, actually, figuring a back up is a good idea. One can work Saturdays, the other after school during the week, and both during vacations. That worked, I found two great women, great references, happen to somewhat know one of them. I work two

Need a lift?

After many years, we are changing the nanny. On her last day, I offered her the car she often borrowed, free. Of course she took it. The following week she came back to give me the license plates so I could take the car off my insurance. As she was leaving she handed me an

Fill in the gap

So, we need new jeans. We go to The Gap. All the girl’s jeans are low riders which, if you can imagine, can’t be comfortable if you sit in a wheelchair all day, and additionally, they allow your diaper to show. Not good when you are 16. Turns out that the boy’s jeans do not