I’ll have the steak …

So last night I but her in bed at 9:00, just about the same time as always. Bathed, fed, meds, cute pj’s, the whole deal. Ten thirty I put myself to bed. Eleven she wakes up. I go in and re-position her, the usual trick and go back to bed. She’s still up. And getting

Valium – Mother’s little helper

So I was gone for four days … the nanny stayed with my daughter. She will be leaving us after two weeks (a good thing …). I go to put together evening meds for my daughter yesterday and discover something curious. We are 50 mg short of Valium … I know this for a fact,

She gets it

For reasons I won’t go into, we were on the local ABC news affiliate a bit ago. “We” as in my daughter and I. It was a great experience … mostly. We went clothes shopping and that was an event for another post. We were to be interviewed at home by a wonderful, young anchorwoman.


When my daughter was five we had her tested for allergies, we knew she had some. Turns out the problematic ones are peanuts and cats. The allergy test consists of over a dozen pin pricks (no, did not hurt her much) that you then watch for a bit to see which react. The reaction to

Don’t do it!

So I need a nanny for my daughter. I put an add on a great web site I found … I keep it light hearted, a bit funny, add a picture of me and my daughter … and I get lots of great responses. But then, I also got this one: You sound like a

adore: \ə-ˈdȯr\ : transitive verb …

My mother and I used to play this game … I must have been 5 or 6 or something … I adore you. Do you know what that means? I’d look at her and shake my head “no.” It’s more than love. You’ll understand when you have kids. She was so right. I adore my

How did you notice?

I am her primary caretaker. I dress her everyday of her life. I bathe her, I feed her. So I call her primary doctor and explain that my daughter has a couple of lesions in her “private” area. The doctor has known me and my daughter for years, she is a wonderful doctor at a

Can you see me now?

Cortical Vision Impairment (CVI) … basically it means that your eyes may work, but the optic nerve or brain, well, messes up (“visual impairment due to non-ocular causes”). We were told that the eyes form late in brain development, that many consider them an extension or even part of the brain, and when there is